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     The passing of a loved one is a sad and difficult time. The reality is that there are financial issues that have to be attended to, even as the healing process is underway. My experience as an Estate Administration Lawyer allows me to take on the burdens of administering an estate so that you can focus on your family. I can help with the process of probating a will and obtaining Letters Testamentary so that the executor can collect the estate’s assets. If no valid will exists, I will assist you in obtaining Letters of Administration. In either case, my experience in estate administration allows me to efficiently prepare the necessary paperwork and navigate the process so that the estate can quickly collect and liquidate assets, pay debts and taxes, if any, make distributions to heirs and beneficiaries, and close the estate. Throughout the process, I advise executors and administrators regarding their duties, and where necessary I take measures to protect my clients against charges of hiding assets and/or not handling the estate’s affairs appropriately.  As your estate attorney, I will handle the estate’s affairs so that you can attend to your family. Call me to discuss Estate Administration in New York and to protect yourself. 

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